• Why is Breschard untitled?

    Well, once upon a time, there was a revolution in France during which an old ancestor of Maryann’s, Louis-Francois de Brechard, the Count of Achun and Pouilly, was taken to task by a former servant following the notorious “Reign of Terror.”According to the tale told in an old French book, Bleus, Blancs et Rouges and also in the Italian film, Il Conte Di Brechard, the former servant plotted to have his daughter, Marie, marry Louis-Francois in order to have her then denounce him and take control of his lands.   But the Count was so charming, Marie fell for him and the plan was thwarted when in turned out her love for him was greater than her love for estate taxes.

    Shortly after that, the Breschards first appeared in America without either land or title.  By 1806, they were tied to both the founding of very first circus in America, the Breschard and Pepin Circus and the opening of the oldest theater in America, the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. The Breschards were also one of the founding families of New Rochelle, NY and many of Maryann’s relatives are buried there.

    So, Maryann is of the “untitled” Breschards for that reason.   And also, because whenever she is working, she never knows what her projects should be called.  So kind of like every Woody Allen fall film, her projects are called “Untitled Breschard project” until completed.

    How do I contact Maryann?

    Did Maryann steal your chocolate pot de creme?   If so, there is no point in contacting anyone.   It is surely too late.   Same goes if your Belgian chocolates or chicken pot pie have gone missing.    However, if you have a really important question or legitimate business of the state, use the Contact button above.

    How did Maryann become a writer?

    Maryann was first published as a young poetess in a book called, Once Upon a Time in Hollow.  Then she fell in love with theater and film and went to a performing arts high school and then NYU and worked a lot in the music and film business.  But she returned to writing in 2007 and published a grown up book on women and politics called American Catfight.

    However, probably as important as writing and studying, Maryann was introduced to Jungian psychology by a writer friend of the family when she was a teenager.   More than anything else, this taught her about working with dreams and how to use archetypes in writing.  She often references her other interests which sprung from the Jungian world including mythology, astrology, cosmology and astrophysics.